Sales Representative


Sales Representative


I grew up with parents that had very strong work ethics. My Father was a teacher and my mother was a nurse. Both worked in the Woodstock area and both were respected in their chosen profession. Caring, respect, compassion and understanding were common nature during my childhood and define me as an adult today.

I studied Civil Engineering at Seneca College and Land Surveying at the University of Toronto. From there I worked over 10 years for a land Surveyor. I learned about Land Planning and Development. After Surveying I branched out into the world of new home building, employed by two high profile local developers who not only served as mentors but also taught me a great deal about the ins-and-outs of home building and subdivision development. I had titles like ‘Senior Project Manager’ and ‘Senior Administrator’.


I feel that these two career paths are the perfect lead up to Real Estate. I truly enjoy meeting new people and developing lasting relationships. I have been selling homes full time since 2002. Over that time I have built an excellent client base and have a very successful career.


The reason for success really comes back to the foundation. Trust, Knowledge and Integrity.

Whether buying or selling, you are placing your trust in me to find you a home that best suits your needs and pocket book or to sell your current property which has been your home and memory-builder for many years. You are trusting me to achieve these goals.

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